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Strategic Transactions

There are several reasons for a strategic transaction (i.e. company sale, acquisition, merger, or partnership). The seller may be interested in focusing on retirement or another business opportunity. The buyer may have to go beyond organic growth by acquiring, merging, or partnering with another firm to simply remain competitive or possibly gain a competitive advantage. Securing financial resources may also be required to prepare a company for upcoming growth. There are number of other reasons for strategic transactions.

At Montreal Consulting, we believe that all of these transactions must be carefully planned and prepared, not improvised, as they will very likely be the most important transactions for the company stakeholders.

Our Services

At Montreal Consulting our focus is on providing superior strategic transaction services. We aim to provide the appropriate solutions for each of our clients' particular needs. As required, we can work with our exceptional network of lawyers, tax professionals, and other advisors.
  • Ensuring the company is properly structured
  • Getting the company transaction ready
  • Transaction preparation and approach
  • Financial modeling, forecasting and valuation
  • Investor grade business plan preparation
  • Going to market and intermediating with potential buyers
  • Preparing necessary documentation and protecting confidential information
  • Due diligence review
  • Successful negotiations and deal closure
Montreal Consulting will ensure that you maximize the value of your transaction. We will manage the corporate transaction process with you and ensure that you avoid the many inherent pitfalls in the process.

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